Pablo Rubio

Online Casino
Design System

Working as
  • Design Technologist
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Front-End Developer

01. The product

Creation of a design system for online casino website. Also developing the static components in Angular.

02. The challenge

The demand of the market forces us all to create tools that optimize our work to allow us to be on the cutting edge without losing sight of the client and their needs. For this reason my team and I decided to create a design system to facilitate the work to our clients and to ourselves. We need to eliminate the inconsistencies that had crep it into out old-fashioned UI system. This inconsistencies made the operators web harder to use and navigate into.

03. The process

We decided to start by collecting comments from users about our flows and, thanks to their comments, we began to work on an atomic, modular and reusable design system for all our operators. We redesigned the existing components and created new ones, we created a new design according to the needs of our customers and in accordance with the new mobile paradigms and we created a new color palette that allows us to implement the brand colors of our customers in a consistent manner.

04. The results

We managed to reduce the creation time of a base template for new clients in a drastic way and we got our operators to improve their conversions by 15%. We also reduced the number of incidents reported to our customer service by 23%.

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